High-Throughput Secure Multiparty Computation with an Honest Majority in Various Network Settings

Authors: Christopher Harth-Kitzerow, Georg Carle


CRGC - A Practical Framework for Constructing Reusable Garbled Circuits

Authors: Christopher Harth-Kitzerow, Georg Carle, Fan Fei, Andre Luckow, Johannes Klepsch

Verifying Outsourced Computation in an Edge Computing Marketplace

Authors: Christopher Harth-Kitzerow, Gonzalo Munilla Garrido

Exploring Privacy-Enhancing Technologies in the Automotive Value Chain

Authors: Gonzalo Munilla Garrido, Kaja Schmidt, Christopher Harth-Kitzerow, Johannes Klepsch, Andre Luckow, Florian Matthes


People Analytics – Using Data and Algorithms to shape the Employee Experience

Authors: Uri Gal, Kai Riemer, Christopher Harth-Kitzerow, Catherine Aboud, Claire Duquesne, Simone Briggs